When you’ve been a video producer as long as I have…

…some programs just stick in your mind. The historical ones are amusing just to see how much the technology has changed over the years - not to mention me!

Jan Brett for Learningsmith

I got to produce and edit a video of one of my all time favorite childrens' author, Jan Brett.  This video was produced for the now defunct Learningsmith retail stores as a promotion with her book, Gingerbread Baby.

Bobby Orr interview  

“The Original Client Testimonial!”

1984 Interview with hockey legend, Bobby Orr.  I have been doing this for a LONG time!


a world without GE 

Imagine a World Without GE -- that was our challenge when I was hired as video producer to create a fun campaign for the global company known for so much.  This is just one of several videos we created for this campaign.